• Mie


    A café run by a tea farm serving take-away Japanese tea

  • Shizuoka


    Communicate inside the shop to outside

  • Saitama

    HanaayuSaryo Hanaayu

    A Japanese-style café for handing down Japanese culture to next generation

  • Saitama

    Hitotsubo Cabin ProjectHitotsubo Cabin Project

    A hitotsubo-hut made of Nishikawa-zai

  • Saitama

    Woods ONWoods ON

    A space in the city to learn about wood

  • Tokyo

    Student House at WaterraceStudent House at Waterrace

    Residence with artworks for students engaging with a community

  • Tokyo


    Window Garden connecting to interior space

  • Tokyo

    YoshimuraYoshimura Package Partners Co., Ltd. Main Office

    A space for nurturing collaborations

  • Kyoto

    Yoshimura KansaiYoshimura Package Partners Co., Ltd. Kansai Office

    A showroom as an experimental laboratory for clients

  • Kanagawa

    Florist TFlorist T

    A flower shop with blue wall

  • Kanagawa

    Cafe & Space MCafe & Space M

    A table for all

  • Tokyo

    Salon + Atelier polkaSalon + Atelier polka

    Hairdresser with an atelier space

  • Saitama

    House THouse T

    L-shaped house where pet enjoys the space

  • Saitama

    House SHouse S

    A compact wooden house